About Me

I like to think of my creative life as an act of advocacy for better participation: participation in play, participation in political life, participation in education. I am interested in how digital and physical tools can influence the creation of new ideas and new learning.

In Jordan, I was part of some interesting initiatives and projects: re-imagining a municipal Museum and Education Center for the third largest governorate in Jordan, co-creating the first youth-run, youth-targeted non-profit focused on youth participation.

For my  MFA thesis project, I prototyped a low-barrier literacy and language learning experience for kids and parents. It was fun to see how playful interaction works in space and with a group of people who were ready to participate and assist other users.

I am interested in what user experience means and how to design in partnership with the user. I also strongly believe in the transformative power of play and games in inspiring audiences.

I’ve travelled enough to know that inasmuch as we are different as humans, we share universal desires and aspirations. I see the role of the designers and artist of the future being one of facilitation, sharing and exchange between communities.

As we move into the 21st century as creators and collaborators, it’s important to remember to build bridges with others who are less equipped to deal with the challenges of today. Creativity and problem solving need to be out there in the trenches changing people’s lives to the better.

For questions and requests, kindly direct your email to this address.

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